Sunday, March 20, 2011

Run a CPAN mirror? New master mirror active!

If you run a CPAN mirror, please subscribe to the announcements-only cpan-mirrors mailing list by emailing cpan-mirrors-subscribe at

From a posting just made there (first in ~7 years):

If you are currently mirroring from or (in particular) from, please change your mirror source to be rsync:// -- let us know at when you've changed the mirror source so we can update the MIRRORED.BY file.

Other related news: will soon be a "distributed tier 1 mirror" — and we need tier 1 rsync mirrors!   Rather than use plain rsync, we'll use our new "instant mirroring" system that allows a mirror to be up-to-date within 30 seconds of a file being uploaded to PAUSE with very little overhead.

If you want to help be a tier 1 mirror, please see the wiki page on the "instant mirroring" test: — send a mail to to get an rsync username/password for the "tier 0 master mirror" if you are going to setup a tier 1 rsync mirror.

And just to be clear: If you are mirroring from anywhere else than FUnet, you can just keep your current mirroring arrangement in place.

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