Friday, December 4, 2020 will sunset on March 1st, 2021

Update 2/21/2021:

Updated information about the future of can be found at

Update 2020-12-13: will be sunset on March 1st, 2021 due to low and declining use.

Back when we started this service, it filled a need by providing a place for CPAN authors to track bug reports and feature requests. In recent years and other sites have added issue tracking to their git repo hosting and many CPAN authors have migrated to these sites.

If you are a CPAN author, there are several tools to help you migrate existing tickets:


See Dave Cross' Plan for CPAN Authors, which describes steps you may wish to take to transition to a new bug tracking system.  

We're still finalizing the details, but the plan is to provide a static historical archive. 

This post will be updated as we figure things out.

Original Post 2020-12-04: 

(Encompassed by 2020-12-13 update.)

Monday, April 27, 2020 email supported by Pobox

Earlier this year we quietly switched the infrastructure that forwards ${author} email addresses from our home-grown solution to Pobox’s Bulk Forwarding system. Our system wasn’t keeping up with the spam-filtering needs of these widely published email addresses.

Pobox is now detecting over 93% of the incoming email to as spam and taking care of it. That’s tens of thousands of spam emails a day that aren’t forwarded on. (Almost 2.5 million emails a month!) Said another way -- less than 7% of emails sent to are valid!

Beyond improved spam filtering, there’s also better forwarding due to support for SRS (for SPF) and ARC-Seals for DMARC. (The email is less likely to be rejected by the recipient mail server.)

On behalf of all the CPAN authors, we’d like to thank (part of the Fastmail family) for providing us this amazing service.