Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bad Spam Day, But Nice Weather

<me> Today is a bad spam day.

<someone> nice weather. all the spammers are coming out.

<someone else> no comment

<someone> crap, are you spamming today?

There's a lot of email spam slipping through our filters over the past few days, and that stinks! (It's getting through other people's filters too - so we're not the only ones having trouble.) We're working on tightening things up - but we have day jobs too - so please bear with us and don't report us to spamcop.

Monday, March 19, 2007

New CPAN Search mirror(s)

One of the boxes serving CPAN Search to the US and the world has been about to fall over for a while (one of the disks hangs the system for a minute once in a while with scsi errors...).   We are working on setting up new a pair of load balanced (for redundancy) mirrors provided by YellowBot.

Ideally we'll get it setup so the DNS servers will check and notice when one of the mirrors are out too... (patches to pgeodns are welcome - we even have a wiki for it and other infrastructure things, send an email to get invited to it).

We could still use a well-connected box for CPAN Search in Asia -- it probably wouldn't get much traffic, but it'd decrease latency for users there.  Minimal specs required (it can be in a virtual box, vmware or xen): ~2.5GHz CPU, ~2GB ram, not much disk space, ability to install RHEL (we'll provide a license).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oops - several services down!

Oops - while doing something else in the datacenter earlier today it seems like I managed to unplug one of our switches! The friendly people there are looking into it. If they don't find the problem I'll go down there shortly.

update: Everything is back!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

perl infrastructure news

Many visitors come here from the CPAN Search Site that we run with Graham Barr. They all end up on the CPAN Search News page, which doesn't get the regular updates that often does affect that site. Oops.

We do have more redundant mirrors of the search site than the rest of the infrastructure, but unplanned outages still affect it. So, if you are here for operational news regarding, be sure to check out the main weblog. :-)