Monday, March 7, 2011

CPAN Phishing

You may recently have received an email that looks like the one below.  In poor English, it asks for your "CPAN password" and birthday.  We're pretty sure that none of you would actually have replied, but if you did, you've been caught by a phishing attack.  Change your password ASAP!

We will never-ever-ever ask for your password via email.

Our friends at have produced a great summary of phishing.


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Support Desk


This is to inform you that we are carrying out a site upgrade, as a
mailbox Subscriber, we are carrying out a (inactive email-accounts)

Clean-up process to enable service upgrade efficiency.
Please be informed that we will delete all mail accounts that are non
functioning. You are to provide your mail account details as
follows(This will confirm your Cpan mailbox Login/usage Frequency):

*User name:
*Date of birth:

Any user who fails to send the above information will be regarded as an illegal
user and will Have his/her account deleted from our DATA BASE and we will not
be responsible for the loss Of your account.

Thanks for using Cpan Email service as it is toward Serving you better

Copyright  © 2010 Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, Inc. All rights reserved.

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