Friday, February 24, 2006

Subversion Upgrade Complete

To everyone playing along at home, our subversion server has been upgraded, moved, vaccumed, manicured, and gotten a hair cut. It should be faster and more shiny. (Some new features aren't available yet, but will be soon.) Also coming is a new front page, with answers to all those questions you never knew you had. Let svn at know if you find anything wrong or broken.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Subversion Upgrade Soon

At some point later this week, or maybe this weekend, I will be taking the Subversion server down to move it to different hardware. This most likely won't happen until after the imminent Parrot release.

From an end user perspective, nothing should change. (Although we are upgrading to a newer version of the server and associated programs.) The server will be there, and then it will be down for a fewhours... and then it'll be back, bright, shiny and happy. More details once it is complete.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cover opened, please panic!

You may have noticed that you didn't get any or mailing list email from 9am until 12 noon (pacific) this morning. We had a slight failure that required manual intervention. (The machine OOMed, and ssh got hosed as a side effect.)

I drove into the data center, and after a bit of fiddling to get the display working, discovered that the machine was very patiently waiting for a keypress because the cover sensor had been disturbed. That "feature" has been disabled.

No mail has been lost. Everything should have been caught up by now.