Saturday, November 18, 2006 mail forwarder listed in Sorbs

Sorbs decided to list which is the IP that the mail goes through.

I'm not entirely sure why (a bounce? evil user?, ...) but they are making it a pain to get de-listed and I just lost patience navigating their slow, broken-link-ish, wordy website. So, if you or your ISP blocks mail based on SORBS you might miss your (and other mail. Too bad for you.

(On a similar note: If you or your ISP are using Spamcop you'll every few months lose some list mail because some idiotic spamcop user/ subscriber submits a mailing list mail to that system).

Update: Robert just told me we had trouble with our virus scanner (it wasn't updating the definitions) so for a few days we were bouncing some new viruses instead of just dropping them in a giant file never to be looked at like we usually do. Their "spamtrap" was joe-jobbed and we bounced a mail to it. Anyway, if you know anyone at SORBS feel free to make them de-list us. Thanks.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Power outage again!

Yikes, the data center unbelievably had another power outage. Lots of services didn't start up; I'm working on it.

The list server is slightly broken and can't get going without a kick (we are getting a replacement), so it won't be back until I've been by to, well, kick it. I should be there in a couple of hours ...

Update: All should be well again. Email me at if you find a service that's still down...

Friday, November 3, 2006

CPAN Ratings upgrade

I did a bit of work on CPAN Ratings today.

The RSS feeds for reviewers and distributions should work (better) now.

I added "alternate" headers for the RSS feeds so your tools can find the RSS feeds more easily.

I also implemented a proper API for the helpful votes. This was just to make it easier to make other API things in the future (and to maybe make the site support non-javascript browser some day ;-) )

If the site doesn't work properly, be sure to clear your cache, shift-reload etc etc. (The .js and .css files aren't versioned so your browser or ISP proxy might have cached the old versions).