Tuesday, January 13, 2009

search.cpan.org mirrors

Today search.cpan.org got a tiny slightly bit faster.  We're serving the CSS and images via the PantherExpress CDN, so in particular if you are in Asia/Australia or thereabout it'll all load a fraction or two of a second faster.

For the main site and search currently users in North America are served from MontrĂ©al (hosted by Weblocal), European users are served from London (hosted by Digital Craftsmen) and everyone else (most notably South America and Asia) are served from the perl.org servers in Los Angeles.

If you are in India or Japan I'd be curious to hear which mirror is "closer" network-wise to you, eu1.develooper.com or x17.develooper.com.

By the way, the countries visiting the site the most over the last ~5 months are in order the United States (34%), Germany (6%), United Kingdom (6%), Japan (5%), Canada (4%), France (4%), Russia (3%), China (2%), Australia (2%), Italy (1.5%), Netherlands (1.5%) and so on down the list.  Google Analytics says we have visitors from "228 countries/territories".  We're delighted by every one of them, especially the three visits from Antarctica.