Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big update

CPAN has gotten its first real update in a while tonight; the content is from the cpanorg git repository.

We tried to get the FAQ cleaned up a bit (though there's plenty of work left) and Leo Lapworth pretty heroically also did a first pass on cleaning up the ports page.

You might also notice a search box for which we find appropriate, a list of recently uploaded modules on the homepage and a new page on how to mirror CPAN.

If you read the latter page, you'll see that the master mirror is now (rsync only).  In the coming weeks we'll work on encouraging the CPAN mirrors to switch to mirror from here to ease the load on FUnet, the sponsor of the master mirror for the last 15 years.

Work is also coming along well on the instant update mirroring system.

 - ask


  1. Nice work!
    I saw that Apollo Domain/OS is listed twice on the ports page.

  2. Looks great! Keep the good work up!