Monday, September 12, 2005

power is back...

The power is back and the console server came up. Now for trying to sort out everything else, hopefully without having to drive there.

update: alright, I got everything beat into running again except for the mailing list server. A few of the other boxes (on really really really old hardware) had a hard time getting started too, but after an extra power cycle and a manual fsck I got them going. x6, the list server, isn't as responsive though. Grrrh.

On the radio they're talking about "45 minutes traffic" from Hollywood to downtown on the 101 (when there's no traffic it takes just 10-15 minutes) so I'm hesitating a little bit running down there to look at it, but I will have to go soon as I can't be holed up down there for too long tonight.

update 2, much too much later: The mailing list mails are flowing again... (and the console redirection on that server is working again; one of the harddrives in the RAID not so much. grrh).

Power outage in Los Angeles, down

Apparently there's a Really Big power outage here in Los Angeles.

At my house the power flicked enough for the UPS to click in and for things not on the UPS to reboot, but there's power just fine now so I didn't think anything of it.

Ask: Circuit not working. Can't breathe!

Internap NOC: Los Angeles? Big power outage there. Traffic signals not working, police on "full tactical alert" and stuff.

Ask: Uh-oh! Okay.

Ask: Generators?

Internap NOC: They said they came on but shut down due to overload.

Ask: Doh.

Our servers are in the same building but on a different floor, so it's entirely likely that they are affected too. Grrh. I'll have some fun getting everything running again when the power comes back down there (Robert is traveling today).

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Datacenter day - update

That went mostly well. We got two dead servers assembled into one that'll probably work, or maybe not. It was installing slower than slowly over the network. Robert set it up to redirect the BIOS to the serial port and we hooked it into the console server so he'll try installing it from home later. We also hooked the new switch up to the console. Cyclades++.

We got all the disks in the new RAID working. It'll be very very cool when we start actually using them. The hardware RAID-5 with the 120GB disks we are using now isn't performing well at all.

While taking disks out and checking the connectors Robert pulled the disk we thought was an extra extra hot spare for the existing RAID only to minutes later realize it had a swap partition on it. Ooops!

MySQL was apparently swapped a bit because it crashed with a really really long dump to the log and some corrupted MyISAM indexes. All the InnoDB tables came up fine though. When InnoDB first came out I was much more comfortable with MyISAM because how simple it was. I'm only going to use MyISAM in the future when the particular performance characteristics of it are needed.

Datacenter day

Robert and I are in the data center today (afternoon PST) replacing a bad disk or two and moving some equipment around.

Some of the services we run might be unavailable for a few moments once or twice, so don't be alarmed.

We have monitoring setup to alert if when things are not working, but if something is not working by the end of the day (~1am UTC), please let us know. :)

update: over here....

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Create your own "BackPAN"

If you didn't know, "backpan" is all the PAUSE uploads but with no deletions (PAUSE, by Andreas K├Ânig, is the Perl Authors Upload SErver which is the way the vast majority of content enters CPAN now).

Robert and I run a backpan at and Elaine is running an equivalent one at

We could use more though! It doesn't have to be public, but it'd be nice to know that we had a few more backups of old old CPAN distributions.

First mirror CPAN if you aren't already. Once a day is fine. Also once a day then run something like the following:

rsync --exclude CHECKSUMS -vrptgx ~/mirror/CPAN/authors/id/ ~/mirror/backpan/authors/id/

to copy new files into backpan. Notice there's no --delete argument to that rsync command.