Saturday, June 11, 2022

CPAN: depreciation

As a followup to the CPAN Mirror List changes from last year, we're announcing that FTP service on and is being deprecated. This means that any CPAN clients configured to use them will fail to fetch modules.

For the past several years, CPAN clients have defaulted to to fetch modules, so this should only affect users using very old CPAN clients (usually associated with old versions of Perl) who did not explicitly set a mirror.

We're not setting a firm timeline on this depreciation, but there are only a small number of compatible FTP mirrors remaining, and the number is shrinking over time.  At some point, there will no longer be any remaining FTP mirrors, and the service will be terminated.  Because these mirrors are run by independent volunteers, we don't have a good way of measuring actual traffic.

If you think you might be using a CPAN client configured to use or, please check, and reconfigure to use the globally available instead.

If you're using, you can configure as the mirror with these commands:

o conf urllist 

o conf commit

(If your perl doesn't have Net::SSLEay installed to support TLS, you can just use