Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Faster perldoc.perl.org

One of the more popular sites we host over here is perldoc.perl.org with about half a million visits a month.

It's cleverly built to be an entirely static site.  As part of upgrading, modernizing and moving things around the hosting for the perldoc site got a bit of an upgrade today so it should load even faster than it did before.

In related news then yesterday the CPAN Ratings site got an extra upgrade too to enable caching, CDN serving of the static resources and so on and so forth.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Posting to CPAN Ratings is back

For about a week posting to the CPAN Ratings site hasn't worked.  Since earlier this evening it's back (and now running on Plack rather than under mod_perl and much easier to get up and running).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

www.cpan.org now on IPv6

We are a little early for IPv6 day, but www.cpan.org has since a few minutes ago gained AAAA records.  This means that if your system has an IPv6 address, it will likely access that CPAN mirror over IPv6. Woo!

It also means that if your system thinks it has IPv6 access, but doesn't really – it'll connect much slower.

Our friends at Dynect monitors the IPv4 addresses for a couple of mirrors in California and one in Europe and makes sure that www.cpan.org is always accessible.  They don't offer this service for IPv6 yet, so for now IPv6 just gets round-robin DNS for two of the mirrors.