Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PerlMonks compromised, some PAUSE accounts potentially at risk

If you're a CPAN author with a PAUSE account (or just a PerlMonks user) you may be interested in the below. (And you should already have received it as an email.) The same perpetrators have been getting press for also hacking Dan Kaminksy and Kevin Mitnick. Details on PerlMonks here and here.

Dear CPAN author,

This email is being sent to inform you that all passwords on the popular Perl Monks website were compromised. Many CPAN authors have accounts there and in some cases have used the same password for PAUSE. 

If you have any reason to suspect that your PAUSE account password is no longer secure, please visit and change it.


If your PAUSE account is not affected, please disregard this message and
accept apologies for the unsolicited email.



PAUSE Administrators

Saturday, July 18, 2009 updated

JJ has updated to a new look and feel:

The main change is a complete new visual design, bringing a fresh, modern look to the site. Additionally there are a number of new features to aid navigation and usability - a floating page index window, recently read pages list, improved Pod rendering, and many more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Notice less spam?

I just (~11:30PM PDT, July 15th 2009) put into place a new source of data for our spam filtering.  Hopefully this will result in less spam getting through to addresses, addresses, and into the moderation queue for mailing lists.

As with any spam filtering change, there is a risk that we've inadvertently caused legitimate mail to be blocked.  If you notice this, please let us know.

In a few weeks, if all has gone well, I'll give more details on the new spam filtering data.  If things haven't gone well, we'll revert the changes and pretend this never happened.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Accidentally posted something to the wrong blog.  Now posting this to see if I can get the RSS feed to regenerate.  Ignore this post.  And ignore the one before it too.