Sunday, February 10, 2008

No more email delivery of cpan-testers

Dear cpan-testers recipients,

  Effective Monday night, Feb 11th, 2008, after over a million test reports[1], we will no longer be supporting the delivery via email of cpan-testers test reports.  With an influx of over 3000 messages a  day, this was causing us to deliver almost 200,000 outbound messages, most of which nobody read.

cpan-testers test report submission is unaffected by this change.[2]

If you are currently subscribed to cpan-testers, you'll be unsubscribed, and your mail server will breathe a sign of relief.

  You can find test reports at:

Why are we doing this?  Things were chugging along smoothly, except every few weeks we'd have a problem where a recipient's mail server would stop accepting mail, and we'd very quickly end up with a large backlog of thousands of messages waiting to be delivered.  This would slow down delivery for all of our mailing lists.  Recently, this has been happening more and more often.  We analyzed the
problem, and came to the conclusion that the best solution was to discontinue outbound email.  This will let us focus more time on maintaining more important things.

If you have something that is dependent on receiving all of these emails, please let us know.




[2]  There are some volunteers working on a new system that will take email out of the picture altogether, creating a faster, more streamlined, and more consistent test database.


  1. Well I guess it was only a matter of time. CPAN-testers was started nearly 10 years ago and email was the easiest way to get the reports to my home box where I build the static pages.
    It has served us well, even if it has done so for too long.

  2. For those who need to have access to all the test reports, then probably the best source will now be the SQLite database that Barbie puts together. Everyone grabbing it from him every day will be a hell of a lot of bandwidth. But I'm sure a solution will be found.

  3. Please don't grab the SQLite database. Better to use the RSS/Atom or NNTP feeds and poll periodically to just download updates.