Monday, February 18, 2008

goodbye cpan-testers, hello cpan-uploads

Today, at 4:11pm Pacific Standard Time, an era (or at least 9 years) ended.  The cpan-testers mailing list, recipient of a all CPAN tests submitted for CPAN testers processing, no longer resends all of those emails to its 50+ subscribers.  The last message to be distributed via email should have been #1049514.  Further messages will be kept in the archive, (also home to RSS and Atom feeds).  Eventually, we're going to transfer to a proper database backed system that doesn't use email at all.

Several people noted that they used cpan-testers to receive notification of new uploads to CPAN.  We've created the cpan-uploads mailing list to receive these notifications.     Archive/RSS/Atom is at  You can subscribe by sending a note to cpan-uploads-subscribe at

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