Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monkey Spam

As our holiday gift to you, we provide you with some amusing monkey spam that made it through our spam filters at perl.org.  This one was sent to a CPAN related email address, from a hosting provider's machine in Texas.  The phone number has an Ohio area code, but is missing the last digit, so even if you were interested in a monkey, you'd need to write back to pastor patrick's Yahoo Mail account. 

At perl.org we do our best to keep spam out of your mailboxes and off of our mailing lists.  It's not easy, as the only thing worse than letting too much spam through -- is blocking legit email.  Over the past month, we've made some changes to our mail system to ensure that mail continues to flow fast and furious... and we have some changes planned for the near future to continue to improve our systems.

And now... the monkey spam:


Complement of the season,
MY NAME IS joe helderberg, I need a responsible someone to adopt my  baby capuchin , My baby is still available for  christmas adoption and his 7weeks old now,weight 7lbs,Akc regis and am asking for $800.presently am in our church camp with my pets in Ohio.just tell me if you are still interest in my baby monkey so that i can tell pastor patrick about the baby shipment.
I will be waiting to hear from you if you are still interest asap.
God bless
more info.(614)xxx-xxx

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