Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From the Mailbag: 1 Unit Edition

I love when we get weird emails at perl.org.  Here's one that came in recently...

22.11.2007 15:51

        Thema:  Enquiry  Perl

Hello Joanna,

we got an inquiry from our customer about the following products:

1 Unit of Perl

Please send a formal quotation with specify terms and conditions for
delivery as well as availability, anticipated delivery time and delievery
charges/proccesing fees and dealer discounts.
We also need Information on which operating system the software is
running. Also we need informations on which language
do you´ll deliever the software. Please also let us know on which form
you´ll deliever the software: Boxproduct or electronicaly delievery.

ATTENTION: We need your fax-number, because we don´t order online (
Internet security problems)!!

Please send your quote to my attention at removed@removed.de.

For more informations about our company please have a look on our homepage
(http://www.removed.de) here you´ll find
an english company profil.

Thank you in advance for quick response.

best regards

Purchase department

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