Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Planned" Power Outage

All hosted services will be taken offline shortly before 12:01AM PST on February 25th. (That's late Saturday night.) Our building is having a scheduled power outage because "a conductor cable has been compromised to the point that immediate action to repair it is necessary or a ground fault will occur to the building systems". (The memo from the building goes on to explain that if the cable fails, it will be worse than crossing the streams from proton packs.)

Ask and I will be keeping an eye on things, but don't be surprised if things are down well into Sunday the 26th California time. No email should be lost, but it may be greatly delayed.

You can also read about this on the Dreamhost Status Blog. One of their datacenters is in the same building as we are.

update: All services should be back (they started coming back between 2 and 3am PST and I got the last ones going around 6am or so. I also got our console server fixed so I don't have to spend half the night here too soon again (I hope, knock on wood...). It's 7am now and Robert should be up soon and can fix things that are broken if you email webmaster@obvious.domain -- Ask)


  1. I must comment that the failure they are fixing is *one* grounding cable that's falling apart or some such. The cable is probably a few dollars and it's shutting down the whole building for a couple of hours. Ouch.
    We'll try to go there in the middle of the night when power comes back to keep the outage short ...

  2. Robert and Ask: Thanks as always for your steady attention to our hardware and networks!