Saturday, February 3, 2007

Feeds on the new list archive site

The new list archive now has RSS and Atom feeds - both of individual postings and just of new threads.

The server that's running the old site is very much on its last legs, so I'm planning to switch over the main url over to the new site shortly unless someone points out something terribly wrong. :-)


  1. Hey Ask -- looks awesome! Formatting looks great, too.
    here's a couple of minor nits that you can totally ignore unless you're actively looking for stuff to waste time on ;) --
    - A substitution to replace "> foo"-prefixed lines with blockquotes would be really cool (in UI terms).
    - It could do with links to the RSS feeds / autodiscovery meta tags on the HTML pages -- afaics, they're not there yet.
    - I think if you change the HTTP headers from
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
    it'll render the RSS feeds in a more friendly way in firefox.
    next task: I have to persuade the ASF to adopt it for their list archives ;) and someday if get copious tuits, I'd love to hack in some kind of "forum"-style UI, similar to how the closed-source Ubuntu forum/list gateway works.
    Finally, re one of the items on the trunk TODO list --
    - show all messages in the thread on one page (or a few pages... hmn)
    - flat? nested?
    I'd vote for "flat". but it's a real matter of taste, as
    notes. however, pinterface's comment on that thread has an interesting idea, which is to flatten long reply-reply-reply-reply trees...

  2. Hi Justin,
    The content type should be application/atom+xml (and something similar for RSS). It is on my development box, but not on the "real" box. Grrh.
    I like your other suggestions (will add them to my TODO).
    I've been keeping ASF (and how they don't store the ezmlm archives permanently) in mind while working on it, so it'll be relatively easy to deploy there. I'd be happy to help get it going / run it / whatever.
    - ask