Sunday, April 3, 2005

Post to the lists via Google Groups

In the past you have been able to read the mailing lists on Google Groups (and other news servers), but not post. You had to post by emailing the list or using

Robert got that sorted out yesterday, so we now experimentally (as in it might work it might not) support posting to the lists via Google Groups, but not yet other news servers.


  1. Thanks! None too soon, because rejects my mail.
    (Either my mail provider have apparently changed something about their setup and now or you guys have put thumbscrews on non-comformant hosts. I get a bounce saying that it is because the GMX mail server does not accept bounces. So far I have had no luck trying to reach any of their support team.)

  2. Aristotle,
    I thought we got the GMX issue sorted out, no?
    If not, email robert one of the bounce mails.
    - ask

  3. That was an SPF issue – I was not receiving mail at GMX *from* because GMX misinterpreted the SPF record.
    This time around GMX apparently changed their setup to not accept bounces, so mail from GMX *to* was being rejected. But it was fixed a few days later, it seems – at least, my mails get through now.
    I really need to move over to sending mail using my domain someday, but there are so many places I have given my GMX address… it will take months to migrate fully.