Saturday, March 30, 2013 shutdown in one month

We just sent the below email to active module authors who use  If we missed you, please accept our apologies and read on....

Dear very short list of module authors who still use, 
  Due to declining usage and increased maintenance costs, we've decided to shut down the SVN hosting on 
  We are currently planning to shut the service down in a month, on April 27th, 2013.  For various reasons, we'd love to do so sooner, so it would be appreciated if you could migrate quickly. 
  Google Project Hosting and GitHub are popular hosting options, but you can use anything you want.   
  After you have migrated, please commit a note to your repository updating the README or adding a MOVED file that says where you've moved to.  You do not need to delete the old files unless you want to. 
  You can find a filtered svndump file at that contains only your project for easier migration using svnsync or svn2git.

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