Sunday, April 3, 2011

Want to filter our email? is looking for outside assistance to help remove spam from and/or email.  (i.e. we are interested in outsourcing our spam filtering.)

Today, our filtering consists of SpamAssassin, qpsmtpd, blacklists (like IVM), and a ton of custom rules.  But still spam gets through.  The mailing lists even have human moderation as a last line of defense.

We try hard, but there's no way we can filter as well as a company that is 100% focused on it.  If you represent one of those companies and think you might be interested in donating spam filtering services to us, we'd love to hear from you.  Please email webmaster at  We'll sing your praises, add your logo to our list of sponsors, and more!



  1. Use Google's Postini service and be done with it for just $12/year:

  2. Phillip: That's $12/user/year. It adds up quick when you're providing a free service with lots of users.

  3. I run ( We have been filtering incoming (and soon outbound) email for several hundred businesses and domains since 2003. We use SpamAssassin and ClamAV along with several internal techniques to ID spamming IPs and fingerprint spams. We also use humans to classify "borderline" emails to help stop the clever spams and reduce false positives. For the most part we do NOT use external Black Lists because of False Positive issues.
    The system is hosted on a cluster of 16 redundant filtering servers in a secure data center with a load balancing/failover front end and redundant backend db servers. The data center is run by and is connected to several Internet backbones.
    Our normal pricing is about half what Postini charges (when you are smaller, you have to try harder). But we are all perl hackers (we use Catalyst::perl for our user interface) and would love to contribute back to the community by filtering for free. So how many addresses are we talking about and what kind of volume?

  4. Whoops, just noticed the address to send to. Will do that now. :-)

  5. You could take a look at antibodyMX ( We're already contributors to various Perl causes; we sponsor's annual conference. We already filter mail for a couple of notable Perl people.