Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The End of CPAN Testers 1.0

Thsi is reposted from the CPAN Testers blog:

The End of CPAN Testers 1.0

By CPAN Testers on September 6, 2010 1:28 PM

As of this weekend, the final switch to turn off the SMTP gateway for CPAN Testers was flipped. You can no longer post anything to the old cpan-testers mailing list, and any attempts now will result in a bounce message.

Our thanks to Robert and Ask over at the Perl NOC for looking after us all these years, and for being very patient with us while we got the HTTP gateway up and running over the last 9 months.

As a consequence, anyone wishing to still be a part of the CPAN Testers community, now needs to upgrade their test environments, to use the latest smokers and associated libraries. In the main this will involve a simple upgrade of your smoker client and the installation of 4 specific modules (which in turn will install any additional prerequisites needed). You will then need to acquire a metabase profile. For full details of the steps necessary please see the Quick Start page on the CPAN Testers Wiki.

For those casual testers, the upgrade will initially involve some manual intervention, although we hope to automate this as soon as we can. If you do have any problems, or are confused by any of the instructions, please post to the cpan-testers-discuss mailing list, where the developers and other experienced testers can help you.

The end of an era.



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