Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Rock from the Sun

All of our planets, Planet Perl, Planet Parrot, Planet Perl Six, have moved to Venus, Sam Ruby's fork of PlanetPlanet.  Venus is being actively developed, and fixes some issues that we were having.  Please let us know if you notice anything (new) that isn't quite right.


  1. Why not use Perlanet by Dave Cross? It is also well maintained nowadays.

  2. Really, Kkapp, why would we want to have Perl services use Perl code, that's just SILLY!

  3. Kkapp: Because upgrading the existing installation to the latest version was Really Quick. Obviously if we were starting from scratch today we'd look at Perlanet. What'd be the advantage of switching to perlanet other than a bit of chest-pounding? Would it make up for the time it'd take to do?