Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainy Day Outage (Update One)

Ask and I have confirmed that we've had a hardware failure and are planning to go to the datacenter tomorrow night California time to attempt to repair it.

We've been able to restore most services, but there are a few which were dependent on the failed machine.  It'll be much easier for us to get the machine fixed before bringing these services back. 

We do not believe any data has been lost, it's just temporarily inaccessible.  All email and mailing lists are working (although some mail from earlier this afternoon may be delayed.)

As of now, the following services are unavailable or degraded:

  • rt.perl.org

  • www.pm.org and hosted *.pm.org

  • historical cpan-testers archives

  • svn.perl.org

We'll post another update tomorrow.


  1. cpan.perl.org appears to be down as well.. I added cpan.perl.org to /etc/hosts pointing to so it would fail over to ftp quickly..

  2. Thanks Nips, I've updated the DNS so cpan.perl.org should redirect somewhere useful now.