Sunday, June 14, 2009

email issues: .org blocked, now fixed

For about the past 18 hours, you may have experienced issues sending emails to addresses, if those emails contained a reference to any .org URI.  One of the uribl providers we use accidentally added all of .org to their list of things to block.  

This has likely resulted in mail being permanantly rejected, and it will not be resent.   If you sent such an email, you should have received a bounce message from your mail provider. If you are subscribed to any other .org email lists via your address, you may wish to double check that you haven't been unsubscribed due to bouncing.

We have disabled the errant uribl provider, and informed them of the issue.  We may not re-enable them after they fix the problem.  (Although, historically, their data has been a very good signal for blocking spam.) 

1 comment:

  1. If it would help, I'd be happy to donate "gratis" rsync access to ivmURI to the organization. I'm not sure which URI provider you were having problems with, but I'm confident that whichever one it was, you should find ivmURI as much, much better than merely a replacement for that one which gave you these troubles.
    Read more about ivmURI here:
    Contact me directly about getting your "gratis" ivmURI access set up. (