Wednesday, March 18, 2009 is moving! (downtime announcement) is moving... down the street.

Our wonderful colocation provider, IX2 Networks, is closing down one of their Los Angeles facilities, and we're moving to another one.  We're going to be sharing a cage with YellowBot.  We're looking forward to this move, as the new facility is above ground, our cell phones work, and you can even kind of see daylight if you try.

Since we're going to be physically moving our boxes, this means there will be some downtime and service unavailability.  For a few hours between Thursday, March 19th and Saturday, March 21st, some (and related) services may not function for you.  (We are being vague because we haven't yet decided when to actually move the hardware.)  We are going to try and minimize downtime as much as we can.  No email will be lost, although it may be delayed.  DNS services will still work fine.

We will update as we go.

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