Saturday, April 5, 2008

Related module links on

Documentation pages on now contain a list of related modules. For an example see LWP::UserAgent

This list is determined by data created by about which modules are discussed together.


  1. Cool.
    Curious that this should arrive at about the same time that Andy posted
    p.s. I think the boxes on the right need another pixel or two of internal padding. They look quite cramped at the moment.

  2. The "more..." link doesn't seem to work.
    On there are several Related Modules shown,
    but the "more..." link takes me to which shows no results.

  3. There seems to be a mismatch between the "related modules" reported on the Speadsheet::WriteExcel on the search.cpan page:
    * Apache::DB
    * HTML::Embperl
    * Archive::Tar
    * HTML::Mason
    * ...
    And the related modules reported on Perlmonks (via the more link):
    * Win32::OLE
    * Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
    * Excel::Template
    * Parse::RecDescent
    * ...
    I would say that the latter modules are related whilst the former aren't.

  4. John,
    There was a bug in the sorting which is now fixed.

  5. Tim,
    The code perlmonks currently uses to detect module names requires a :: so modules like DBI and CGI will not get picked up.
    They are working on fixing this, but in the meantime I manually added some into the database that uses for the DBI module