Monday, September 10, 2007

CPAN Search adds Gravatar icons

At the request of Michael G Schwern gravatar icons have been added to author pages on CPAN search.

Any author can get a gravatar icon on their page by registering at using their CPAN email alias.


  1. Does it take a little while to work? I just created a gravatar icon for my CPAN email addy but nothing has magically appeared.

  2. The email address I have shown in my CPAN directory is not a email address - as such the email address I have registered with is my personal address - but it is the same address as what is shown in my directory.
    Nothing has magically appeared for me either - is there something I need to do in order to have this show up?

  3. I guess it takes a while - the images seem to be cached. <-- exists <-- doesn't exist

  4. Yes it will take a while. Due to the slow nature of delivering the icons itself, we decided to deliver the icons from our own servers. But our cache is only updated once a day.

  5. Faces of CPAN:

  6. To make it clear which email address you must register at Gravatar - it should be your one.
    Even if you display a different address on your home page, as I do, register the address with Gravatar to make the photo appear.
    Hope that helps.