Monday, March 19, 2007

New CPAN Search mirror(s)

One of the boxes serving CPAN Search to the US and the world has been about to fall over for a while (one of the disks hangs the system for a minute once in a while with scsi errors...).   We are working on setting up new a pair of load balanced (for redundancy) mirrors provided by YellowBot.

Ideally we'll get it setup so the DNS servers will check and notice when one of the mirrors are out too... (patches to pgeodns are welcome - we even have a wiki for it and other infrastructure things, send an email to get invited to it).

We could still use a well-connected box for CPAN Search in Asia -- it probably wouldn't get much traffic, but it'd decrease latency for users there.  Minimal specs required (it can be in a virtual box, vmware or xen): ~2.5GHz CPU, ~2GB ram, not much disk space, ability to install RHEL (we'll provide a license).

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