Monday, July 3, 2006

perlbug upgraded

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for is here!

perlbug ( has been upgraded to the latest and greatest version (RT 3.6).

Here are some changes you might notice:

- a new shiny look

- no more, we now authenticate directly from

- a public interface that doesn't require you to log in to see tickets

- a much more powerful search interface

- things that were slow before, are not quite so slow anymore

- saved searches

Likely, you'll discover some things are broken, or don't work the way they used to. Here's a few we know about:

- Old bookmarked searches can't be used anymore. (Sorry!)

- Some bitcard accounts (with accented characters in their names) can't login.

- we have a mild performance issue related to CSS caching.

If you run into issues, big or small, please send an email to perlbug-admin at Your message will be answered in the order recieved.


(special thanks to Jesse Vincent, Kevin Riggle, Thomas Sibley, and all the rest of the gang at Best Practical, for their help, patience, and for the customizations, which made this much easier than it might have been)

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