Saturday, June 24, 2006

Robert talks about on the Perlcast

Josh McAdams interviewed Robert for the Perlcast about

There's a little quip about volunteers near the end and speaking of that: we are still looking for someone to help update our fancy DNS server. We had three volunteers a month ago, but they all got busy. The first task we need is a simple tool to convert a text file from one format to another. I hear this perl tool is good for that. :-) I'm insisting on not just fixing the old code we have that does the job because I really want to get a few more people involved with what we do...


  1. Can you give more details about the 'from' and 'to' formats?
    I'd like to help...

  2. Daniel,
    Output: See cpan.sample in
    There's some old code which does the job but could use a little refactoring at
    - ask