Friday, December 23, 2005

nntp upgrade

Tonight we rolled out the upgrade of our nntp server ( to colobus 2.1. Previously we were running a very old, somewhat hacked up version. Now we're running a new, only slightly hacked up version. (We had to make some changes for performance and quantity -- all sent back to the author of course.) You shouldn't notice any difference -- the speed seems about the same. The new version is backed by MySQL, which conveniently gives us easy access to the overview database (which contains threading information.) This will let us do cool things in the new web interface (which has been "Coming soon" for way too long.)


  1. Has anyone else taken up that project, or are you intending to hand it out?
    I haven’t forgotten about it, btw, it’s still on my backburner. If I am still on this, does this migration affect me? (I imagine it would be a fair bit easier to do threading if the code can reach right into the database instead of having to monkey with NNTP chatter and the caching thereof; right?)