Monday, September 12, 2005

power is back...

The power is back and the console server came up. Now for trying to sort out everything else, hopefully without having to drive there.

update: alright, I got everything beat into running again except for the mailing list server. A few of the other boxes (on really really really old hardware) had a hard time getting started too, but after an extra power cycle and a manual fsck I got them going. x6, the list server, isn't as responsive though. Grrrh.

On the radio they're talking about "45 minutes traffic" from Hollywood to downtown on the 101 (when there's no traffic it takes just 10-15 minutes) so I'm hesitating a little bit running down there to look at it, but I will have to go soon as I can't be holed up down there for too long tonight.

update 2, much too much later: The mailing list mails are flowing again... (and the console redirection on that server is working again; one of the harddrives in the RAID not so much. grrh).

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