Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CPAN Ratings posting works again

Earlier this afternoon Robert got our DBD::mysql recompiled after some mysql_config hackery so it stopped making our httpd crash.

I've made another change to the site too now so you can post a "review" without giving the distribution a rating, effectively making it a comment.  Use that to comment on other peoples reviews, please. :-)

A dozen people have started marking reviews as helpful / not helpful.  It'll be interesting to see how that data set will grow over time.


  1. Nice! A couple of comments:
    1) When I vote that a comment was useful or not, I don't see any permanent mark of that fact (yes, I see the immediate "thanks!" message). In fact, I can vote twice without the system complaining, although I would expect that the backend only allows one vote per user per comment.
    2) I'm very happy that now it's possible to have undefined ratings. In a couple of cases, module authors changed their modules in response to my comments, so I edited them. But sometimes I wanted to undefine the rating because I didn't have any reason to assign any particular rating, and it wasn't possible. But now it is! :-)

  2. Ivan,
    I agree that the feedback wasn't too confidence inspiring.
    I've changed the message to be a little different when you add a new vote vs when you update one. I also improved the error handling a little, but hopefully those extra lines of code will never be used. ;-)
    - ask