Monday, May 9, 2005

Data center day / new hardware

Tuesday afternoon is going to be datacenter day™ for Robert and I.

Our colocation facility asked us to get off the building UPS as the building apparently is running out of UPS power.  Since they are incredibly nice to us (they just gave us the neighbor rack so we have two racks there now!) we could hardly say no.  Last week we figured out what we need (I hope!) and ordered a APC SUA3000RM2U UPS that should have enough capacity.  The building has a generator that'll kick in very quickly so we only need a minimal run-time.  If it doesn't have enough capacity we'll get another one of those most likely.   The higher capacity ones gets a lot more expensive per watt as it quicky turns into some 208V+transformer mess.

Monday morning I heard the doorbell/barking dog duo and Vani came upstairs telling me there was a DHL guy with a heavy package that he was going to try getting down to the house.  I rushed and caught him going down the stairs so he could help me bring it up again and put it in the car.  The darn thing is 120lb!

Later in the day UPS showed up with a Dell 5324 gigabit switch (I mentioned that before) and Fedex showed up with more drives for the file/NFS/database/backup server (more on that later).

Tomorrow I have to go by the post office and pick up a 48-port 100Mbit switch I found on eBay and then we'll be off to the datacenter to setup the new rack.

Many or most of our services may be down briefly Tuesday afternoon (local time in California) as we shut down equipment to move it over to the UPS and install the new disks.

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